Our trained and experienced technicians do everything from cabling, hardware installation, programming, commissioning, and testing.  We utilize the highest quality materials and cabling to ensure the system’s backbone is reliable and functional.   We pre-coordinate with your staff to ensure the correct placement of equipment and then work on minimizing the downtime and employee impact in each space.  Our programmers develop an interface and flow, with the control system, that optimizes the space and allows for ease of use for your team.  Finally, our commissioning team completes a checklist on each system to ensure full functionality and performance. 

What We Can Do For Your Integration

We have a plan now it is time to turn it into reality.  Our team of professional and experienced technical resources will use best practices ensuring it’s done right the first time while minimizing our onsite impact.  We will work with your team including the IT dept, facilities, electricians, and other relevant third parties to ensure a seamless installation and a straightforward project delivery. 

Preparation & Planning

Your Project Manager will develop an installation plan based on your scope of work, delivery timeline, product procurement, and resource availability.


Once the plan is developed and agreed upon, we will assemble the necessary materials and arrive onsite to physically install the system including cabling and equipment.

Configuring & Programming

If needed our programmers will develop the code and configure the system providing a clean and functional interface that allows for simple control of your intricate systems.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Once equipment is in place and programming is complete, QA commissioners will run through testing procedures to ensure full functionality aligns with your goals and expectations.


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