Hologram Technology

AnuVision Technologies (AVT) offers an exclusive authorized dealer with a white glove experience to implement hologram technology for your organization. The benefits and capabilities are simply revolutionary. Beam yourself live to anywhere in the world or sell your brand in a hologram marketplace.

Proto is the technology and AVT brings it to life! This technology revolutionizes the way we communicate and is the first innovative delivery portal used for live events.

Proto Hologram Technology

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Broadcast and broaden your reach and make an impact with AVT.

Our focus today is utilizing Proto’s hologram and holoportation technology that is second only to being live in person. This technology is real and available now.

Here are just some of the features of Proto Hologram Technology

  • Beaming

    Proto has the power through holoportation to beam you to any number of Proto machines around the world. This can happen in real time or be prerecorded.

  • Interactive

    Not only can you beam anywhere but with Proto you can interact live with your audience in real time. Just click the link below to watch Ellen DeGeneres shocking her viewers.

    Watch Ellen

  • Touch Screen

    Activate Proto's touchscreen capabilities and consumers can buy what you are offering on the spot. You can also choose to place a QR code for a quick scan that takes people directly to your product on your website.

  • Advertise

    This technology is like nothing you have ever seen before and the same is true for your potential customers. Proto will stop them in their tracks, Life Display will help you turn that WOW into HOW do I buy it!

  • Cloud Software

    Proto offers cloud software that allows you to manage live and prerecorded content to one or many Proto units. You can manage it, or Life Display can do it for you.

    Proto is amazing technology….. but technology alone does not allow you to maximize and capitalize on its capabilities is….that is how Life Display can help.

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