At AnuVision Technologies, we are committed to offering our
customers the highest level of service and standards to maintain long-term relationships.

Consulting Services

Innovative and collaborative tech systems require a coordinated design effort among the entire planning and design team. Our consultation and design services address your technology needs. From strategic planning through the design phase to providing comprehensive custom solutions tailored to meet each customer’s unique goals and budget. With our experience of integrating various technologies, we can provide innovative and immersive discussions, along with valuable insights on reliable products and solutions that will work best to achieve your desired result. We coordinate with architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, and specialty contractors to facilitate everything from aesthetics to functionality.  


We realize the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t always work.  Every customer has their own unique circumstances, needs and budget. We approach your design utilizing the latest innovative products to create compelling, easy to use systems that will make meetings and classes and communications more engaging and productive.  Our design professionals will evaluate your environment, analyze your needs, collaborate with your team, include budget constraints, and then design the most effective solution for your application.    

Product Sourcing

We can be your sole provider for all your technology and the furnishings that enhance the use of the technology. We partner with a multitude of manufacturers and distributors to help find, source, and deliver your product needs.


Our trained and experienced technicians do everything from cabling, hardware installation, programming, commissioning, and testing. We utilize the highest quality materials and cabling to ensure the system’s backbone is reliable and functional. We pre-coordinate with your staff to ensure the correct placement of equipment and then work on minimizing the downtime and employee impact in each space. Our programmers develop an interface and flow, with the control system, that optimizes the space and allows for ease of use for your team. Finally, our commissioning team completes a checklist on each system to ensure full functionality and performance.

Project Management

Our skilled and certified project managers work with your team to facilitate the lifecycle of your project, including outlining, planning, executing, monitoring, and finalizing all aspects to turn the idea into a functional reality. We manage the process from design to completion, while being proactive and anticipating the next steps ensuring the project remains on time, on budget, and within scope. The dynamics of a project can change rapidly, and as a result we stress timely and transparent communications to ensure all parties are informed and moving forward towards the goal of completion.


Purchasing and implementing a new technology solution is only the first step. To gain a full return on your investment, end-users need to have an understanding of how to properly use it. Upon completion, we provide comprehensive training for power users and technical staff, as well as basic training for personnel on primary functionalities.


We realize technology doesn’t always work when we want it to, and some of these demanding systems decide to take an unapproved vacation at the most critical hour. Our service technicians can come out and assess your current challenges in functionality and work with our design team to quickly devise a plan to get you back up and running. In addition, we believe a scheduled tune-up is the best way to mitigate potential downtime; a complete system check for firmware and software updates can eliminate potential glitches and headaches. Whether you need us now or are looking for a managed service contract, we can assist in getting or keeping your systems running smooth.

Office Furniture

In today’s world, technology is now integrating with the furniture, thus playing a cohesive role in the function and layout of the space. At AnuVision, we work with our partners on creating engaging environments, thoughtfully focused on function, collaboration, and lifelong learning from classroom to career. We will facilitate the design and implementation process, ultimately creating highly refined, customizable, and flexible rooms focused on the ergonomic function and social benefit of each engaging environments where everyone can thrive.


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